Meaning of a Promise Ring Depends on the Intention of Wearing It

meaning of a promise ringMeaning of a promise ring actually depends on the intention of wearing the ring, although many people tend to relate the ring as a symbol of commitment and love. However, distinct kinds of such rings deliver different meanings. If you want to learn about the meaning, you would like to read the rest paragraphs of this article.

In general, nowadays there are three types of promise ring. And every type is worn for certain purpose. The most popular type of promise ring is pre engagement ring. The rings for this purpose are designed especially to be able to represent people’s loves to their sweethearts. And the meaning of a promise ring for this intention is to symbolize the wearer’s commitment to marry the person’s lover in the near future. The factors that cause such thing happen may vary. For instance, one is in college and the person has to graduate first to be able to get married. And to prove that the person is surely getting married after graduation the person wears a promise ring. The promise ring to be worn for this purpose does not have to be the expensive one. The most important thing is that the ring should be able to represent how firm the promise is.

meaning of a promise ring

The next type of promise ring you need to know is friendship ring. The meaning of a promise ring for friendship purpose is to make the relationship between two friends last as long as possible. Usually two friends exchange this kind of rings when they are about to graduate from school or college. To remain friends for a long time, the friends represent their commitment through the ring. However, you can give a promise ring to your friend any time you want. Any occasion like birthday can be your best time to give the ring.

The third type of promise ring is abstinence promise ring. Anyway, what is the meaning of a promise ring for this purpose? This kind of ring is worn to symbolize one’s firm commitment to remain virgin until the wedding day comes. That is why this ring means a lot for the giver since it can prove how much the giver’s lover love. Beside that, the ring is worn to represent the wearer’s promise to God. And sometimes, people wear this kind of ring on their finger to show that they are free from drug.

meaning of a promise ring for girlfriendThe meaning of a promise ring can vary depending on the purpose one wears the ring on the ring finger. If you want to represent your commitment to your sweetheart, you can give her a promise ring created for the purpose. Your partner surely will like to wear the ring since she knows that you are serious in committing to live together until the end of the day. As for between friends, this ring can be a symbol to commit maintain the friendship until this world no longer exists. Your friend will value highly the meaning of a promise ring.

meaning of a promise ring for girlfriend

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meaning of a promise ring for girlfriendmeaning of a promise ring

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