What Does a Promise Ring Mean Actually?

what does a promise ring meanWhat does a promise ring mean actually? The answer of the question can vary depending on the intention of wearing the ring, since the rings are created especially for several particular purposes. On the whole, this kind of ring is worn to represent the wearer’s definite vow. Let us take a look the various meanings of promise rings according to the purposes.

Promise rings frequently exchanged for pre engagement rings between two lovers. So, what does a promise ring mean for a lover? Well, the meaning is that this ring is representing the lover to remain love his/her partner until the wedding day comes. This can be a symbol for a definite commitment that someday in the near future the two lovers will get married.

what does a promise ring mean

Beside that promise rings can also be worn by husbands and wives. What does a promise ring mean for a husband and a wife? The answer is that this ring is the symbol of a husband or a wife not to cheat each other and they will love each other until God separate them. Most cases prove that wearing these rings can keep the relationship lasts longer and even lasts forever.

There are also other types of promise rings actually and chastity promise rings are one of all the types you can find. These rings are worn to symbolize the wearer to remain stay away from sex until the wearer gets married. What does a promise ring mean for this person can be stated as an expectation of getting perfect partner for the person’s life? In other words, the rings are worn to appreciate the intentions of the wearers to get their real love.

You may find out that your friends wear this kind of rings too. Yes, promise rings are also common to be worn by two friends who are exchanged the rings. What does a promise ring mean in this case? What if the two friends are same gender? Well, for the two friends these rings mean symbols for their commitment to be friends as long as possible. Mostly, friends exchange these ring when they just graduate from college and they have to be separated since they come from different areas. To make their relationship goes beyond distance; they decide to wear the rings to prove that they intend to maintain the relationship.

what does a promise ring mean

For this purpose, there are several designs that match for two friends. There are the ones with love theme to the ones with trendy designs.

Another purpose of wearing promise rings is for religious commitment. So, what does a promise ring mean in this case? The rings are worn to represent the wearers’ vow to remain believe in the wearer religion. For this intension, the wearers are free to choose on which fingers they want the rings sit on.

These are several intentions why people wear promise rings on their fingers. The meanings of wearing the rings can be various as well as the answer of what does a promise ring mean.

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what does a promise ring mean

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